My Portland: “Portland has a great national brand. The fact that Maseeh is in the heart of such a desirable location is an important asset.”


Why I invest in Maseeh and PSU: “My choice is to help where I was helped. And I look for good managers, good operations, and high future potential. PSU has all three.

Our philosophy at the Massiah Foundation is that rather than making gifts, we make philanthropic investments. We look for transformational opportunities, which is why we made a significant gift to create a Northwest Center of Engineering facility at Portland State, along with faculty endowments and student scholarships.”


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What I took away from Portland State: “I didn’t understand how good my training at PSU had been until I went on to graduate school, first at UT-Austin (then the #1 ranked engineering school) and then at MIT. At first, there was a psychological barrier – am I good enough to do well at this important institution? But after the first test, I knew I was more than well-prepared.”