young woman. There were a lot of really smart, cool people in my program, women and men.”

The benefits of studying and working in Portland:

“I didn’t have a car, and Maseeh’s location in downtown Portland made it easy to get around. There’s great public transportation, and so much is within walking distance.”


The work I’m doing now: “I’m here in Portland, working for Cambia Health Solutions in the IT department, helping to manage the electronic data interchange. I started as an intern in July 2012, and then was hired in January just

 after I graduated. I’m glad I ended up in a field I feel strongly about — trying to improve health care for everyone. I like the culture, too. You’re not off on your own. You’re part of a team, working together to solve problems.”

My Portland: “Like a lot of young people, I was drawn to Portland by the food, music, and art scene. I loved being so close to the mountains for skiing and rock climbing. And it’s just a short drive to the ocean.”



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What I took away from Maseeh: “I had a lot of support from professors and TAs, but they weren’t holding my hand. I had to learn how to figure things out on my own, do my research, and understand what’s in the textbooks. Now, I feel confident evaluating problems and proposing solutions.”


What being a part of the Portland State community means: “Sometimes it’s easy to feel out of place as a woman in computer science classes. While I would certainly love to see even more women at Maseeh, I never felt as if I was treated differently because I was a